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January 29, 2016
Welcome to ALEVOLVE Radio! We are here to have some fun and talk about issues that really need a voice. This is our first show! I. Alex, am the host and founder of ALEVOLVE Radio. Originally, Jay was set to produce the show; we decided he did well as a co-host. This show has been a long time coming and we are excited to see what happens. Today's show brings our history of how we came about. Our guest was not able to make it into the studio; but we were able to get a phone call with Jarid Bentley. Jarid is a talent musician who had done it all.

We do take some time to mention one of our sponsors:
Muscle Bar & Muscle Meals
West Covina | Upland | Rancho Cucamonga | Glendora
The fifth location mentioned in the show is their branch of Muscle Meals.

Music Played in this PodCast:
Into Song: Dream Syndicate - Stressed Out
Look out for the completion of the song Featuring J Bentley, Marco Lira, Jay Rod, Fernando Lira, & Alevolve
Mid-show Song: Bye Far - Time To Fly
Check them out where :
Mid-show Song: Brazen Bulls - Burning Bridges
Check Out Brazen Bulls here:
Closing Song: Brazen Bulls - Forever

You will here a reference to Marco A Lira many times on this show. He is a friend to many of people on the who had a life threatening injury in 2012. Marco passed away October 13th, 2015. He was truly a legend who loved people. He was full of life and we feel his words should be heard. He is still an inspiration in his physical absence from our lives. He has brought so many people back together and has inspired even myself to return to music as an expression of life. Below are a couple of links that can tell you a little bit about who Marco was.
"No Longer Nameless" : My Unbroken Road with Marco Lira

Friends (And JWoww) Raise Money For Critically-Injured Reality TV Casting Associate