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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 2 - Gender Specifics, Immigration, and Music

February 5, 2016

Hi everyone,

Today we talk about the current issue with gender specific job names in the military. You probably already know; I am fully against changing military tradition. Jay seems to think things are changing and we should be okay with it. I disagree. Gender specification is a problem for some reason. In the spanish langauge, when there is a male and a female together they are referred to as "them" in the male form. Realistically, the government is spending far too much time worrying about frivolous issues. As always to go on to multiple rants talking about immigrants coming to the U.S. and being a productive member of society. This is something I (Alex) totally agrees with.

We touch a little bit about music and how bands are not planning to release albums. We do play a clip from DeadMau5 that can be found here: regarding Justin Bieber being a meat puppet for Skrillex and Diplo.

We do have the opportunity to bring Fernando Lira, Marco's younger brother, on the line. We talk about Marco's memories and how the Lira Family have been great to everyone they know. Marco's death October 17th, 2015 brought a ton of people together and created unbelievable collaborations with multiple musicians.

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Data Ghost - Bad Things
Marco Lira - Stand by Me Cover
InMemory - American Bachelor