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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 5 - Waste In the Government, Success, Jokes, Life

February 26, 2016

This show was definitely a fun and heated interaction. We covered some ways OUR Gracious Government wastes our hard earned tax dollars. We worry about so much, but never look at the millions they are throwing in the trash just because they think it should be spent. We talked about life. In this episode, Jay puts his emotions aside and talks about the current struggles in life. There are many people who have succeed in their 40's, and I do the best I can to let him know it's not over. So... Have you hear Kanye's new terrible CD? It's pretty bad. Kanye Lost a very supporting fan the day he released that album. In all the recent events and Kanye putting his financial situation in the public hear, Kanye takes a minute to ask Mark Z, Facebook CEO, for a hand out... ON TWITTER?! Yea, that's not the best way to make some money.

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