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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 7 - LIVE on FB, Fuck Cancer, Feel No Burn, #CITIZENSHIP4PACO

March 11, 2016

Welcome back! This show is pretty awesome. We actually broadcasted live over Facebook, which was pretty incredible. We had 300 viewers watching us live! Fuck me, right?!

This show is dedicated to Tabitha Neal who lost her fight with breast cancer. She was a fighter to the very end. She was an inspiration to so many people. Below is my post from Facebook:


It's crazy what life throws at us. I've known you for about as long as I can remember Tabs Nila. Always a smile on your face. Although we haven't spoken in years, I cannot believe you are gone. Your husband was a fellow brother; a man I never had the opportunity to meet, but as he is a Marine he was still a brother in arms. I hope you both reunite. People say when you move on you move to a better place. While I cannot verify this, my beliefs would lead to me to believe you are in a better place. I've seen you be an inspiration to people over the years. I've seen from a distance as I have for many I regret I've fallen out of touch with. It is bitter sweet day; Monday I found out my body is clear of Lymphoma and today I see this news on my feed. Your story will share across the interwebs; I've had friends pass in the recent months and I've seen how their lives have brought so many people back together. I can only hope the same in this instance. I share this story about you.

To all the others: We neglect so much every day. I'm am most guilty of this. I work so much I lose time. I love my wife; I love my children. I work hard for them. I've lost touch with so many people; I've not been the husband I should be. We forget to take a break and enjoy the people we have in our lives. Months ago I posted about why I facetime people. We do not know the value of a face until we only can see it in pictures. I work because I want a fabulous life for my family; I make decisions based on what I think is best. It's not always right, but I do it in hopes to bring the life I want for them. I ask of you this: Let go of the hate, let go of the small problems. I've forgiven those who have done the worst to me in life. Do the same and reach out to people who impacted your life early on or at anytime. You never know how much a person can change.

I really want to encourage people to reach out to their friends. This is very important to me. I've lost a few over the years and I wish they were here with me now. Video Calling: The new call.

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