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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 6 - #Marinelivesmatter, MEMETASTIC, Anonymous, Hillary4Prison, Hate today

March 4, 2016

Welcome to show SIX! Fuck me, right?! Today we cover the issue of Marines being attacked by "Black Lives Matter" Advocates. (Before you chop my head off, I do not in anyway believe these people were Black Lives Matter people.) People tend to use a cause for a reason to cause issues in society. While this may be a touchy topic, we will speak the truth. The military allows some of us to break through the lines of color. We see brothers and sisters. The topic can be read here. We here do not agree with any person who chooses to step on the flag. We talk about different aspects of people making bad choices in their displays of passion. Lil Wayne is brought up of his tasteless display dancing on the flag. Love it or Hate it; Alex thinks Lil Wayne is an idiot.

Did you miss ANONYMOUS releasing their warning to Hillary? Check it out here!

Our new segment: 8 things Alex Hates today
8.Burrito that made me super sleepy
7. Traffic
6. Long Drives Alone
5. Clogged Print Heads
4. Wrinkles in Laminate (boring Right!)
3. Itchy Assholes!
2. Itchy Ballsack (Never forget... Pinch and Roll)
1. Hillary Clinton - She should definitely be in jail for her crimes against this country.

Jay does struggle politically... but hey, everyone has their right.

If California Needs a new government, Alex is waiting for your nomination :-)

First song - Vice Versa - Slow Jam
Middle song - Dream Syndicate
Last song - The Void Remains - Just a Dream