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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 7 - LIVE on FB, Fuck Cancer, Feel No Burn, #CITIZENSHIP4PACO

Welcome back! This show is pretty awesome. We actually broadcasted live over Facebook, which was pretty incredible. We had 300 viewers watching us live! Fuck me, right?!

This show is dedicated to Tabitha Neal who lost her fight with breast cancer. She was a fighter to the very end. She was an inspiration to so many people. Below is my post from Facebook:


It's crazy what life throws at us. I've known you for about as long as I can remember Tabs Nila. Always a smile on your face. Although we haven't spoken in years, I cannot believe you are gone. Your husband was a fellow brother; a man I never had the opportunity to meet, but as he is a Marine he was still a brother in arms. I hope you both reunite. People say when you move on you move to a better place. While I cannot verify this, my beliefs would lead to me to believe you are in a better place. I've seen you be an inspiration to people over the years. I've seen from a distance as I have for many I regret I've fallen out of touch with. It is bitter sweet day; Monday I found out my body is clear of Lymphoma and today I see this news on my feed. Your story will share across the interwebs; I've had friends pass in the recent months and I've seen how their lives have brought so many people back together. I can only hope the same in this instance. I share this story about you.

To all the others: We neglect so much every day. I'm am most guilty of this. I work so much I lose time. I love my wife; I love my children. I work hard for them. I've lost touch with so many people; I've not been the husband I should be. We forget to take a break and enjoy the people we have in our lives. Months ago I posted about why I facetime people. We do not know the value of a face until we only can see it in pictures. I work because I want a fabulous life for my family; I make decisions based on what I think is best. It's not always right, but I do it in hopes to bring the life I want for them. I ask of you this: Let go of the hate, let go of the small problems. I've forgiven those who have done the worst to me in life. Do the same and reach out to people who impacted your life early on or at anytime. You never know how much a person can change.

I really want to encourage people to reach out to their friends. This is very important to me. I've lost a few over the years and I wish they were here with me now. Video Calling: The new call.

Check out this test: see who you really align with!

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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 6 - #Marinelivesmatter, MEMETASTIC, Anonymous, Hillary4Prison, Hate today

Welcome to show SIX! Fuck me, right?! Today we cover the issue of Marines being attacked by "Black Lives Matter" Advocates. (Before you chop my head off, I do not in anyway believe these people were Black Lives Matter people.) People tend to use a cause for a reason to cause issues in society. While this may be a touchy topic, we will speak the truth. The military allows some of us to break through the lines of color. We see brothers and sisters. The topic can be read here. We here do not agree with any person who chooses to step on the flag. We talk about different aspects of people making bad choices in their displays of passion. Lil Wayne is brought up of his tasteless display dancing on the flag. Love it or Hate it; Alex thinks Lil Wayne is an idiot.

Did you miss ANONYMOUS releasing their warning to Hillary? Check it out here!

Our new segment: 8 things Alex Hates today
8.Burrito that made me super sleepy
7. Traffic
6. Long Drives Alone
5. Clogged Print Heads
4. Wrinkles in Laminate (boring Right!)
3. Itchy Assholes!
2. Itchy Ballsack (Never forget... Pinch and Roll)
1. Hillary Clinton - She should definitely be in jail for her crimes against this country.

Jay does struggle politically... but hey, everyone has their right.

If California Needs a new government, Alex is waiting for your nomination :-)

First song - Vice Versa - Slow Jam
Middle song - Dream Syndicate
Last song - The Void Remains - Just a Dream

ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 5 - Waste In the Government, Success, Jokes, Life

This show was definitely a fun and heated interaction. We covered some ways OUR Gracious Government wastes our hard earned tax dollars. We worry about so much, but never look at the millions they are throwing in the trash just because they think it should be spent. We talked about life. In this episode, Jay puts his emotions aside and talks about the current struggles in life. There are many people who have succeed in their 40's, and I do the best I can to let him know it's not over. So... Have you hear Kanye's new terrible CD? It's pretty bad. Kanye Lost a very supporting fan the day he released that album. In all the recent events and Kanye putting his financial situation in the public hear, Kanye takes a minute to ask Mark Z, Facebook CEO, for a hand out... ON TWITTER?! Yea, that's not the best way to make some money.

Please feel free to provide feedback to

ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 4 - Top Gear, Scion, Balls Sacks, Stressed Out, Women in Combat

Today we cover some talks about the new announcement from Top Gear. What's your favorite Joey Tribiani Moment? How about the death Scion? Read more about it here: Jalopnik | The FR-S was a decent platform, but Toyota' Lack of support did not help the brands life. We take a minute to talk about our new song that I've been able to record with our old friend Marco Lira. Have you guys heard of many podcasts getting heat for playing music without permission? Pretty big deal for all podcasters out there. Luckily we have access to tons of music for you all! We also talk about Women in Combat. How do you feel about it?

Opening Show Song: Data Keys - Avalanche
Mid Show Song: Stan Doubt - A Tribute to Marco Lira (8:40)
Mid Show Song: Villain Family Feat. Marco Lira, J Rod, J Bentley, Stan Doubt, ME (Alevolve), F. Lira, Mrs. Bentley - Stressed Out Remix
Ending Show Song: Kontraban G Note - Criminal 

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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 3 - Lira, Lotto, Brazen Bulls and VO

Show_3.jpgToday's show we have our guest Fernando Lira, younger brother of Marco A. Lira. What would you buy if you bought the lottery? We have the chance to speak to Rashad, a talented music producer who has recorded and written music for many Artist. He took the time to help me develop my verse! More description to come.

Opening Show Song: Marco Lira - Plastic Makes Perfect Featuring J Bentley
Mid Show Song: Brazen Bulls - It's Not Over
Ending Song: Marco Lira - The Brave Tiny Little Toaster

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ALEVOLVE RADIO! Episode 2 - Gender Specifics, Immigration, and Music

Hi everyone,

Today we talk about the current issue with gender specific job names in the military. You probably already know; I am fully against changing military tradition. Jay seems to think things are changing and we should be okay with it. I disagree. Gender specification is a problem for some reason. In the spanish langauge, when there is a male and a female together they are referred to as "them" in the male form. Realistically, the government is spending far too much time worrying about frivolous issues. As always to go on to multiple rants talking about immigrants coming to the U.S. and being a productive member of society. This is something I (Alex) totally agrees with.

We touch a little bit about music and how bands are not planning to release albums. We do play a clip from DeadMau5 that can be found here: regarding Justin Bieber being a meat puppet for Skrillex and Diplo.

We do have the opportunity to bring Fernando Lira, Marco's younger brother, on the line. We talk about Marco's memories and how the Lira Family have been great to everyone they know. Marco's death October 17th, 2015 brought a ton of people together and created unbelievable collaborations with multiple musicians.

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Data Ghost - Bad Things
Marco Lira - Stand by Me Cover
InMemory - American Bachelor


Welcome to ALEVOLVE Radio! We are here to have some fun and talk about issues that really need a voice. This is our first show! I. Alex, am the host and founder of ALEVOLVE Radio. Originally, Jay was set to produce the show; we decided he did well as a co-host. This show has been a long time coming and we are excited to see what happens. Today's show brings our history of how we came about. Our guest was not able to make it into the studio; but we were able to get a phone call with Jarid Bentley. Jarid is a talent musician who had done it all.

We do take some time to mention one of our sponsors:
Muscle Bar & Muscle Meals
West Covina | Upland | Rancho Cucamonga | Glendora
The fifth location mentioned in the show is their branch of Muscle Meals.

Music Played in this PodCast:
Into Song: Dream Syndicate - Stressed Out
Look out for the completion of the song Featuring J Bentley, Marco Lira, Jay Rod, Fernando Lira, & Alevolve
Mid-show Song: Bye Far - Time To Fly
Check them out where :
Mid-show Song: Brazen Bulls - Burning Bridges
Check Out Brazen Bulls here:
Closing Song: Brazen Bulls - Forever

You will here a reference to Marco A Lira many times on this show. He is a friend to many of people on the who had a life threatening injury in 2012. Marco passed away October 13th, 2015. He was truly a legend who loved people. He was full of life and we feel his words should be heard. He is still an inspiration in his physical absence from our lives. He has brought so many people back together and has inspired even myself to return to music as an expression of life. Below are a couple of links that can tell you a little bit about who Marco was.
"No Longer Nameless" : My Unbroken Road with Marco Lira

Friends (And JWoww) Raise Money For Critically-Injured Reality TV Casting Associate

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